Why is this important?

We all know that the exchanges use the price history of a user, the trades that are inputted, the liquidity in the user’s account, and other factors, like time of day, geographical location, etc. to create trades that most benefit them. It is shameful that EOS prices can sometimes swing by 35% with no news severely damaging the confidence in the token as well as hurting members of the community. Cryptominder is a tool that can be implemented to combat the extreme advantage exchanges have on the users.

Please note that EOS is the only token that will be supported. EOS is the one token and EOSIO the one decentralized software that has proven to have immediate positive impacts on people’s lives. Why support those coins that may be more volatile but do not add to the wellbeing of our colleagues?

This will be a membership service of 5 MLT (Micro Loan Token) per month. 25% of the MLT received will be burned. MLT is a token generated by positive actions. One gets an MLT when paying a loan or when offering a loan at no interest and receiving a payment.

I have been using Cryptominder for the last few years with positive results every time. It is a nice feeling to get a call in the middle of the night when there is a winning trade to book. Conversely, but not as nice, I must admit is to get a call in the middle of the night to be alerted that EOS has had a dramatic drop. Alarm settings created by exchanges are not that good and will never be as good as Cryptominder. These settings are used to study your trading behavior. With Cryptominder there will be no information at their disposal. GO EOS!

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